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Celite - Send through celite first and last -I’ve run -70 through T-41 and T-5 and the T-41 seemed to not do much at all. The T-5 was super slow so slow. At the same temp carbon over celite was better and faster then both T-41 and T-5. -Celite 545 is not Silica 60 they are very different products. Silica 60 is an adsorbent Celite is just a bulk filter aid (depth filter) with no affinity itself for any molecules.

Neutral Bentonite (T5) Bentonite - Bentonite works best when heated and allowed to cool prior to filtration -When you want your oil to interact strongly with the bentonite, its probably better to have less ethanol in the solution. Maybe try to get your mixture to 2:1 ethanol:oil, then add the bentonite. to filter it out, you could just dilute your mixture a bit more to make it easier. -Removes water soluble impurities allegedly? - extended exposure to an acid washed bentonite might steal cannabinoids from my solution. -Try sonicating oil/solvent/T5. A birdie told me it can help with carbon scrubbing. -Check out this journal about anthocyanin removal from different berry extracts 12 In the results sections they say how the anthocyanin removal by bentonite clay was most effective at HIGH contact time, and LOW temperatures. This makes sense with what we have seen with the low temperature bentonite in ethanol solution soaks. Increasing the amount of the bentonite did help as well, but was not as important a factor as the contact time and low temperatures. - T-5 does appear to be pulling out some browns, and I theorize oranges since I’m not seeing those after the use of carbon, but t-5 alone does not remediate greens at all, carbon removes all of that.

Pall AKS 7 carbon impregnated media.

Activated Alumina

Silica 60 PVPP Magnesol (Magsil)

AC - AC is most effective when heated. -If I do end up with chlorophyll a simple AC scrub filtered on a silica 60 bed seems to do the trick 90% of the time. -AC scrub removes the chlorophyll, it also attracts cannabinoids and often makes the extract more amber.

Degumming - sometimes degumming I have washed out a red pigment. It doesnt take as long to wash out as the emulsion and it tints the brine pink/red.

Ratios: 10:1 EtOH:Oleoresin 5:1 Solution:Clay

EHO color success has been upstream doing extractions at -60c to -80c, chilling solvents and biomass prior to combination and extraction and maintaining those cryo conditions.

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